Why Was I Selected/Why Must I Take My Vehicle To A Test Only Center?

The addition of Test-Only Stations to the Smog Check program augments a service previously provided on a temporary basis by state-contracted Referee Centers. Now, owners of gross-polluting vehicles must have their vehicles tested and certified at a Test-Only Station. Additionally, under mandate, 15%+ of vehicles in Enhanced Areas must be inspected at Test-Only Stations for Smog Check. DMV informs motorists of this requirement through the renewal notice. All Test-Only directed consumers are eligible for repair assistance.

What’s Different About A ”Test Only” Smog?.

Test Only Stations do not perform repairs, adjustments or refer motorists to a specific repair location. The test is the same at all licensed smog test stations. Test Only is not a “stricter” test

What Happens If I Fail?

Take your vehicle to a Test and Repair Station and have the necessary repairs performed. It’s important to take your vehicle to a licensed smog repair station; they have the tools, test equipment and knowledge to fix it right! We can supply you with a list of licensed Smog Test and Repair Stations in your area.

What Can I Do To Increase My Vehicle’s Chance Of Passing?

Make sure your vehicle is warmed up, drive for 10-15 minutes before you arrive. LEAVE IT RUNNING until the test is finished. If your vehicle was sitting for more than a month fill it with fresh gas. The GAS CAP is part of the test, check the condition. Tests show up to 100 gallons of gas can be lost per year from a defective/missing gas cap. The Check Engine/Service Engine Soon light, this light lets you know that your vehicles computer is detecting a fault in the fuel control system. If the light is on or coming on while you are driving, get it fixed. A lit check engine light will automatically fail the functional part of the test, and the vehicle will most likely fail for high emissions too.

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